GLAMGLOW Clearing Treatment review!

Hi loves! Sooo, I have been trying to get a sample of this stuff for a while now and kept forgetting each time I was in Sephora! I recently looked online and saw that they had a Glamglow gift set with all three products for $75! Seeing as one container of this product is $75, I popped into the store quite quickly to pick up the set.

This is what comes inside the pretty package 😀


You get a 1.7oz jar of the Glamglow Thirsty Mud mask, a 0.5oz jar of the Glamglow Clearing Treatment and 0.5oz of the Glamglow Youth Mud exfoliating mask.

I tried out the clearing treatment first as the website claims it “helps fight all common skin concerns including breakouts, discoloration, black and white heads, razor bumps, and in-grown hair. Powerful, skin-clearing mud visibly draws out dirt and congestion while a proprietary six-acid blend dramatically brightens and softens skin”

According to Glamglowmud.com, the ingredients include:

-ACNECIDIC-6â„¢ 4.4%: A proprietary six-acid blend of AHA and BHA acids perfectly PH balanced to deal with damaged skin, de-clog, and minimize pores, pigmentation, scaring, and breakouts.
-Activated-X Charcoal: An extreme absorption carbon, attracting toxic substances into its mass up to 500 times its volume from all skin types.
-K17-Clayâ„¢: Extracts and encapsulates excess sebum oils, bacteria, and toxins in a controlled stasis state.
-TEAOXIâ„¢: Delivers daily fresh natural eucalyptol, natural-linalool oil, and powerful flavonoids direct into the formula from real pieces of eucalyptus leaf.

I have combination-oily skin which makes my pores visible while the excess sebum clogs things up causing blackheads and whiteheads. This mask would be the best for minimizing pores and drawing out impurities from the skin.

I put a thin layer on my face, and found that it started tingling. At first, I thought I was having some sort of reaction, but when I looked it up I found that this was normal. The mask dries quite quickly, and it is insane because you can actually SEE all of your pores and the dirt that is coming out. It’s actually pretty gross lol


This is literally right when it was put on but then it dried to a greyish colour. You can leave this on for 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Since this was my first time using this, I left it on for about 10 minutes just in case I did have any reaction to the product. It washed off easily in the shower and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. My pores were slightly minimized but nothing crazy. I will need to use this a few more times to see any changes in my skin…so stay tuned! UPDATE: I used this two more times and left it on for about half an hour each time…and WOW…I can’t tell you how amazing my skin has been looking! My pores are minimized and skin is soft and smooth! This product also decreases redness and any patchy discolouration. It also has a brightening effect that keeps you glowing for a few days. Definitely pick up a sample of this stuff the next time you are your local sephora or check them out online at http://www.glamglowmud.com

Xo! Sahar

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